Gary Con IX Preview

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Vol 2, Issue 5
Gary Con Is Coming!


Gary Con IX will take place March 23-26 in Lake Geneva, WI, the home of E. Gary Gygax! Badge registration is now open, and Goodman Games has a lot of exciting events planned for you! EIGHTY events, to be exact, run by over a dozen judges including Brendan LaSalle, Harley Stroh, Jon Hook, Bob Brinkman, Jobe Bittman, Jim Wampler, Chris Doyle, Daniel J. Bishop, and more. In addition to the expected games of Dungeon Crawl ClassicsMutant Crawl ClassicsAge of CthulhuXcrawl, and Metamorphosis Alpha, the Goodman Games stable of judges will be running classic games and weird experiments too. We have games of 1st Edition Judges Guild, Star Frontiers, and Cyborg Commando. We have Star Wars run with DCC RPG rules, Crawling Under a Broken Moon run by its creator, a 0-level tournament, and a plethora of playtests for unpublished material including Harley Stroh’s DCC board game Warlord of the Purple Planet! And no Gary Con would be complete without the “What’s New With Goodman Games” seminar where exciting new products are often announced and Kickstarters are often launched.

Check out our entire Gary Con schedule with this convenient PDF, and register while there are still slots open!

DCC in Portuguese
Crowdfunding for the Portuguese translation of DCC RPG is underway! It is produced by New Order Editora for the Brazilian market. It includes a new 0-level adventure “Salada de Ratos” that is not available in English! Pledge today!
Free Vintage Novels

Now through the end of February (or until we run out of books), each online store order for print or physical products comes with a free vintage novel. We can’t guarantee that each and every one is from the famed Appendix N list, but if not then they shared the same shelf space with those authors. Heck, with especially large orders we might even throw in TWO novels. Bemused, enthused, and slightly confused — that’s the Goodman Games crew. The Dark Master likes it that way.

Kickstarter Shipping Updates
DCC RPG: All USA leatherbound orders are shipped and the “everything else” portion of USA orders is now 60% shipped. More books are going out every day so we’ll continue to post updates until all are out the door. In other news, EU/UK and AUS/NZ orders are now 100% shipped. Other international shipments will go out once the USA shipments are complete.
If you have questions or have problems with your order, please read the update on Kickstarter for more details. If you pre-ordered DCC RPG through our web site, please know that those
orders are also shipping. All leatherbound pre-orders have shipped, and
the other pre-orders are in process.

Judges Guild Deluxe Collector’s Edition expected shipping dates:

  • Australia and New Zealand: Late February
  • UK and Europe: Early March
  • US: Late March
  • Other International Markets: Late March to Early April
Forgotten Treasure
How do you pronounce “Bobugbubilz” and “Schaphigroadaz”? You still won’t know after reading this column, but you’ll know everything else there is to know about demon toads. Read all the behind-the-scenes information about this Michael Curtis module.
Third Party Publisher Funnels
Great ways to kick off your campaign!
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