Downloadable Character Sheets

Let’s build some character! We’ve got some great tools to help you create and maintain your DCC RPG or MCC RPG character right here.

Below is a selection of character sheets that you can use for your game, with some various options available to you.

You may also want to check out our page of pre-generated characters that are ready for use.

But what about after you build the character? What do you do if you want to take that 0-level gongfarmer and advance her to a wizard? Or a cleric, or thief, or…whatever? Sometimes it’s a little daunting if you have no experience—pun possibly intended.

Enter Daniel Bishop and his new cheat sheets. With the blessing of our Dark Master, Mr. Bishop has put together a handy PDF to help guide players to make the transition from Halfling mariner to Halfling adventurer and all other aspects of advancing your character. The sheet shows all of the pertinent information for each class, letting you know the initial abilities, spells, skills…heck, even the titles! Each class gets a quick guide and is a wonderful aid to help out players.

Now, let’s get to some character sheets!

DCC RPG Character Sheets

These free downloadable character sheets are perfect for your DCC RPG game! Created by fan-favorite artist Jason Edwards, we’ve made these pages available as blank character sheets for your use.

DCC RPG Character Sheets – Form Fillable

These are the same sheets as above, but made form-fillable using your favorite PDF editor.

Alternate DCC RPG Character Sheets

The Crawl! zine has produced a series of alternate character sheets for the core DCC classes. You can download them here.

FSH Professional’s Auto-Calculating Character Sheets

Try this free sample of FSH Professional’s Auto-Calc Character Sheets – selecting stats auto-generates modifier results!

DCC Dying Earth Character Sheets

The DCC Dying Earth character sheets are wonderful for any campaign set in the 21st Aeon. Here’s what’s in the zipped file:

DCC Lankhmar Character Sheets

The DCC Lankhmar character sheets are wonderful for any Lankhmar campaign. Here’s what’s in the zipped file:

DCC Empire of the East Character Sheets

Here are the sheets designed to be used with your DCC Empire of the East game!

MCC RPG Character Sheets

Here are the sheets designed to be used with your Mutant Crawl Classics game!

MCC RPG Character SheetsForm Fillable

Here are form-fillable PDF sheets designed to be used with your Mutant Crawl Classics game!

Metamorphosis Alpha Character Sheets

Download these official character sheets as updated for the Goodman Games re-publication of the 1976 edition of Metamorphosis Alpha!