Metamorphosis Alpha

Goodman Games is pleased to announce a partnership with James M. Ward to bring back the very first sci-fi RPG ever published! Originally launched with a successful Kickstarter, the Metamorphosis Alpha project includes a deluxe oversized hardcover, and a host of additional sourcebooks and adventures. All products are based on the original 1976 edition of the game!

The tiny speck of the first colonization starship moved sluggishly through the cold depths of space. There was much mankind didn’t know about the stars, and one of those mysterious effects slashed into the starship Warden 300 years ago. Now the ship drifted through the darkness, lost and in trouble. While many intelligences move about its decks, none of them work to help the starship find its way.

Generations later, you are a native on the starship Warden. As a true human, mutant, or robot, you fight to survive, unaware that the radiation-saturated world around you is in fact a starship, one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Can you uncover the secrets of the starship Warden and steer it back on course, or will you simply try to live another day?