Adventures In Fiction

One of the main influences on the entirety of Goodman Games are the pulp novels and zines of yesteryear that inspired so many of the creators of early role-playing games. Many of those creators are affectionately referred to as the Appendix N authors.

Appendix N is the section of the original Dungeon Master’s Guide for AD&D where Gary Gygax names the various authors who influenced him when he was working on the game. (Read more about Appendix N here! and be sure to check out these great short stories with which to start your Appendix N journey.)

The books in Appendix N are a who’s-who of classic fantasy, sci-fi, and sword-and-sorcery fiction. Many of the authors listed there first made a name for themselves in the pulp magazines of the 1930’s, and were later reprinted in paperback form—which is where Gary Gygax probably read them.

Here at Goodman Games, we explore the authors of Appendix N, as well as their contemporaries and other authors who share the level of influence that these hallowed writers and creators hold.

We call this exploration our Adventures in Fiction. Click on the images below to read articles related to the creator.

The Founding Fathers Of The Gaming Industry

Gary Gygax
Dave Arneson
Bob Bledsaw Sr

Appendix N

Poul Anderson
John Bellairs
Leigh Brackett
Fredric Brown
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Lin Carter
L. Sprague de Camp
August Derleth
Lord Dunsany
Philip Jose Farmer
Gardner Fox
Robert E. Howard
Sterling Lanier
Fritz Leiber

DCC Lankhmar

H.P. Lovecraft
Abraham Merritt
Michael Moorcock
Andre Norton
Andrew J. Offutt
Fletcher Pratt
Fred Saberhagen
Margaret St. Clair
J.R.R. Tolkien
Jack Vance
Stanley Weinbaum
Manly Wade Wellman
Jack Williamson
Roger Zelazny

Appendix N Archaeology

Ballantine Adult Fantasy
Algernon Blackwood
William Hope Hodgson
Harold Lamb
Arthur Machen
Edgar Allan Poe
Clark Ashton Smith
Zenith the Albino

Other Influences

Brian Aldiss
Hammer Horror
Ray Harryhausen

Sword and Sorcery Authors

Tanith Lee
Charles Saunders
Karl Edward Wagner

You can also discover more about Appendix N by visiting our Appendix N channel on YouTube. We have posted seminars conducted by Goodman Games there for you to watch and enjoy.

One of those seminars—Sword & Sorcery of Appendix N—also inspired a bibliography of material that includes links to currently available volumes of in-print books.