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Welcome to Nekrovania. Hope you survive the experience…

Macabre is the new DCC zine from Wolf Manzella that harkens to classic horror tropes and sets them in the fantasy land of Nekrovania. This zine is all about transmogrifying your games with eldritch horrors, grotesque slashers villains, alien clowns, mind-melting sanity loss, head-spinning possessions, castles of blood, and all manner of cult classic cinematic weirdness.

Here’s some details from the Kickstarter page:

Nekrovania is first and foremost NOT a gothic horror campaign setting. It’s swords and sorcery mashed up with b-movie, cult cinema, horror schlock. The setting is purposely designed to be malleable to any genre of horror that warms the cockles of your twisted, black, heart. Your games can include Lovecraftian horror, space vampires, demonic puppets, mummified werewolves, and everything in between.   

  • Welcome to Nekrovania – A setting overview
  • Variant Rules —Make your games more horrible…horrific…horrifying?
  • The Tarot Deck – A new tool for judges to torment players 
  • Deathstalker Class – A Simon Belmont inspired warrior class 
  • Random Werewolf Generator – The single most comprehensive werewolf generator in all the cosmos
  • Tables of Horror – Grab your funky dice and roll
  • The Old Haunts – Tips on blending fantasy and horror into a decadent mélange
  • Walpurgis Nachternia – An Evil Dead inspired Prime Evil for use in your Nekromania campaigns
  • The Moon Beast – A cocktail recipe

Get more details on the campaign over at their Kickstarter page!

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