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The Carnival of the Damned – Print + PDF


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A band of villagers is trapped in a mist-shrouded carnival in the dead of night, facing death at every turn. Can they survive twisted oddities like the corpse-filled Tunnel of Love and the dreaded Bone Coaster?

David Baity’s The Carnival of the Damned is filled with fantastic art from Doug Kovacs, Todd McGowan, Danny Prescott, Stan Reed, and Simon Todd. It unleashes nightmares into any campaign, with encounters refined and polished by the anguished screams of hundreds of players at conventions like DragonCon and Gary Con!

For judges, the adventure fills many needs. Its 144 digest-sized pages contain over 30 encounters and dozens of random threats. there is enough content for days of tournament play, or judges can select a smaller collection of favorite dangers for a quick DCC funnel session. For sandbox-style play, judges can extract individual encounters whenever a twisted challenge is needed in any old school system. There’s even a haunting backstory for those looking to integrate the adventure into an extended campaign.

And there are clowns. Lots and lots of clowns.

Published by: Purple Sorcerer Games

Written by: David Baity
Cover Art: Doug Kovacs
Interior Art: Doug Kovacs, Todd McGowan, Danny Prescott, Stan Reed, and Simon Todd

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