The Journeys of the DCC Band!

We’re With The Band.

If you’re new to Dungeon Crawl Classics, you might not have met the Band — those intrepid but, alas, mortal adventurers who can be seen doing illustrated battle in every DCC module, taking the same risks as your player characters, and sometimes meeting the same untimely demise. But if adventuring was easy, as the saying goes, then kobolds would be doing it, and the rewards just wouldn’t be as sweet.

Below you’ll see an entire spread of our Band’s portraits, their ‘hero shots’ from every module in which they appear — now newly updated with images from Mutant Crawl Classics! The Band’s roster is continually evolving with each adventure, and you can follow their ongoing escapades with each new DCC release (including DCC Lankhmar and the upcoming DCC Dying Earth). Having their portraits arrayed in order as they are here gives a great sense of the the Band’s ongoing story within the larger framework of DCC publishing history.

If you own the modules these images appear in, then you’ve also got the “action scene” that shows the battles (and many, many demises) of the Band characters along the way.

Below you can share in the Band’s ongoing adventure – but be sure to raise a glass to those past members who are no longer with us.

Mutant Crawl Classics

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