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A Level 3 Adventure for DCC RPG

For as long as men remember, the Lord of Evil Amphibians carried out unspeakable rites in his squatting temples situated far from civilization. Tales of human sacrifice, squirming servants, and rich but loathsome treasures were whispered of his followers. Now, unexpectedly, his servants have seemingly vanished, leaving behind their fanes to molder in the marshes. A brave band of adventurers gathers to explore one such tabernacle, eager to discover what riches—and terrors—the Lord of Evil Amphibians has left behind…


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    • RPG,net: “I’m genuinely happy that I was asked to review this module, because it is easily one of the best frog-themed dungeons I’ve had the pleasure of running.”
    • Goodreads.com: “DCC adventure modules are some of the best out there and this is one of the classics or gems of the entire collection. Built around an ancient battle between to great frog deities, “The Croaking Fane” is equal parts disturbing and deadly.”
    • Tower of the Archmage: “This is one adventure that really takes a central theme (frogs) and hops with it.”

Forgotten Treasure: Read more about the creation of this adventure!

Rules Set: DCC RPG

Writer: Michael Curtis
Cover Art and Cartography: Doug Kovacs

softcover + PDF format

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