Original Ken Kelly Art For Sale!


Yes, you read that correctly.

As you know, Goodman Games prides itself on working with classic artists. All of the art we publish for our Dungeon Crawl Classics line is art that leaves behind a physical memento. That means there is an actual “canvas with paint on it” when the art is done—not just a digital phantom. In some ways this limits who we can work with, since so many modern artists are only trained to paint digitally. But that’s okay, because we like working with old-school artists!

One of those artists who we recently announced collaboration with is Ken Kelly. Many fans will know Ken Kelly for his work on the classic Warren Publishing magazines Eerie and Creepy, as well as his mentorship at the hands of Frank Frazetta. Ken was kind enough to paint the cover to our 2nd printing of Beyond the Black Gate as well as the cover to one of our DCC Lankhmar adventures.

Demons_Coffin_1_7It appears that Ken also painted an image of a coffin with chains around it. Hmm, very interesting! We haven’t announced this project yet, but the original art is up for sale on his web site. You can view it here.

For those of who are interested in owning original art by a well-known fantasy painter—that also happens to be related to Goodman Games and old-school RPG’s—here is your chance!


Author: pandabrett

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