Announcing Cover art for the DCC Lankhmar Adventures


This is not a repeat from yesterday.

Just a day ago, we announced the art for the cover and interior books for the Lankhmar Boxed Set. Today, we are happy to announce the covers for the Lankhmar Adventure Modules that will be coming out in conjunction with that boxed set!

And what an amazing set of covers they are….

The cover lineup evokes memories of the pulp novels of decades past. If you feel like you’re looking at a spinner rack of paperback novels in your 1970’s drug store, then we’ve done our job.

We’re currently able to showcase six of the Adventure Module covers. There will be one more that we will reveal in the months to come

We’re very excited about the contributors to this module lineup. In addition to lead artist Doug Kovacs, the roster includes TSR legend Jeff Easley, pulp legend Ken Kelly, Warren Publishing alumni Sanjulian, and DCC stalwart William McAusland!

Time to show them off!

DCC Lankhmar #1: Gang Lords of Lankhmar
A level 1 adventure by Harley Stroh
Cover art by Doug Kovacs

DCC Lankhmar #2: The Fence’s Fortuitous Folly
A level 2 adventure by Daniel J. Bishop
Cover art by Ken Kelly

DCC Lankhmar #3: Acting Up in Lankhmar
A level 3 adventure by Michael Curtis
Cover art by William McAusland

DCC Lankhmar #4: Violence for Votishal
A level 4 adventure by Terry Olson
Doug Kovacs is working on the cover for DCC Lankhmar #4: Violence for Votishal right now. Here is his rough pencil sketch. Watch for additional updates over the coming weeks as the painting is finalized.

DCC Lankhmar #5: Blasphemy & Larceny In Lankhmar
A level 5 adventure by Bob Brinkman
Cover art by Jeff Easley

DCC Lankhmar #6: Cheating Death
A level 1 adventure by Tim Callahan
Cover art by Sanjulian

As you can see, this is quite the line-up.

Our excitement over the Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar Boxed Set and everything that surrounds it is building to new heights.

Keep watching for more on DCC Lankhmar as it becomes available!


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