Roadworthy: Judge Magno Souza


Welcome to Roadworthy! Each of these are aimed at showing off some of our star Road Crew Judges. With each interview, we hope to give you insight into their personality and style, and maybe give upcoming Judges some guidance for how to approach their game.

The Road Crew theme for 2018 is Strange New Worlds! We want you to go to new, unique places to run games for willing participants—and today’s post is a great example. Run some games at a food court at the mall! Who knows, maybe we’ll take notice and put you up on our website. Jump on into the Road Crew program for your chance!

This time out we spotlight Judge Magno Souza!

Roadworthy: A Profile Of Magno Souza

What’s your name, where do you live (and game), and how would you describe yourself?

My name is Magno. I live in Brazil, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. I am someone who likes to learn from the players. To take what they give and use most of the roleplaying for the story. That is always good.

How did you first discover DCC?

I discovered DCC two years ago with a master gamer. Someone who also loves DCC and the old school revolution. 

As of “right now,” how many Road Crew games have you run in 2017?

We played 14 matches in 2017. 

What’s your favorite Road Crew game experience so far?

2017 was the best! I had a lot more people attend the games. More people came to play and they simply loved it. I met so many new people and made several new friends, all thanks to the game.

21245476_1157397867693342_1688181219_nTell us where you run your Road Crew games. 

In the New America Mall, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We play in the food court area. There is a train that stops right at the door of the mall! It is easy to access.

What advice would you give to other Road Crew judges?

First Council to give: do the road crew events! They are very good! The second is to use the freedom that DCC gives players to seize the roleplaying opportunities. Don’t focus on just the mechanics. Tell stories along with the players, and don’t tell a story for them.

Author: pandabrett

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