We’re Paying for Twitch and YouTube Content!

Are you a Twitch or YouTube creator? Have you ever thought about it? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then we’ve got some news for you…

Goodman Games is paying $50 per show per host for people who run Twitch content on our channel! We’re also looking for creators of non-streaming video to post Goodman Games related material on YouTube.

That’s right! You can get paid to have a show on Twitch or to post content on YouTube! And your show can be about a wide variety of styles: talk shows, live play, variety shows, or anything else you come up with is viable, as long as the content matches with the Goodman Games line. Content can be DCC RPG or MCC RPG related, 5E related, or even related to our other lines like Metamorphosis Alpha, Original Adventures Reincarnated, or system-neutral products. The choice is up to you!

You don’t even need a ton of technical expertise to get your show on the air. Our Twitch Producer, Alana Thompson, will help you get things up and running, and then we’ll promote your show as a part of our weekly Twitch line-up or boost your YouTube referrals on social media !

And if you are a member of the Road Crew, this is an extra-special deal! Your show also counts as a Road Crew game, helping you earn swag to go with the cash!

Shows like The Scrivenery, Session Prep with GM Benn, and Pretenders to the Throne have already taken advantage of this offer, and are now a part of the Goodman Games Twitch family. Why not join them and have a good time on Twitch, and get paid in the process! Or, maybe if YouTube is more or style, consider a Goodman Games related video or show on that platform and get the same offer!

Contact Alana Thompson for more details, and check out the videos below for some of the latest from our amazing GG Twitch community!

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