Alana Thompson Joins Goodman Games as Twitch Producer

We are pleased to announce that Alana Thompson has joined the Goodman Games staff as Twitch Producer! Alana will head up the Goodman Games Twitch channel and continue to help produce our existing shows and work with creators to add even more entertaining gaming-related content.

Alana has been streaming on Twitch for more than 5 years, from video games to sessions of D&D. She is currently studying arcane production magic and planning to use the vast knowledge she has learned to reach further into the depths of Twitch and bring games, podcasts, seminars and more to the viewers. She is already known to fans of the Goodman Games Twitch channel, where she has served as our back-end stream technician for nearly a year. Now she will also step into the role of content creation and all other aspects of being a producer.

Alana has been interested in sword and sorcery since she was a youngling. R.A. Salvatore’s Legend of Drizz’t opened her mind to the wonders of Dungeons & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms, where she began to pursue writing and role-playing games. She’s very excited to continue those pursuits on a platform that combines her personal and professional interests.

Author: pandabrett

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