New In The Online Store: The Hobonomicon #3

This week we once again venture into the gaming mind of Doug Kovacs. Prepare yourself…

Hobonomicon #3 is now in our online store and available for order! Doug’s own zine for DCC RPG is an exploration into the strange and exotic. Adventures and more that challenge our idea of gaming and what it can be…or as we like to call it, “Doug.”

Let’s take a look!

Hobonomicon #3

The Hobonomicon contains material for use with the DCC RPG game as well as comics, including Death of a Reaver, the story of DCC’s band.

This issue is 36 pages, in COLOR this time around, spawning from the imagination of the artist Doug Kovacs and James MacGeorge (known for Black Sun DeathCrawl). This issue includes ‘New Riders of the Lotus Void”— best summed up as psychedelic bikers in outer space. 

And be sure to grab any of the past issues of Hobonomicon! All of them are now available in our online store!

Author: pandabrett

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