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The Hobonomicon contains material for use with the DCC RPG game as well as comics, including Death of a Reaver, the story of DCC’s band.

24 pages teeming with art, spawning from the imagination of the Artist Doug Kovacs (known for his on going work on the DCC RPG) as well as numerous other contributors, including Stefan Poag, also of DCC illustration fame and James MacGeorge creator of DCC’s Black Sun Death Crawl. This premier issue contains Escape from Planet Punjar, the after hours DCC Gen Con Game of 2018. 

Escape from Planet Punjar provides an open ended framework to play out the last hours of the grim far future city/planet PUNJAR before it is destroyed by the rogue DOOM planet. Gangs, Cults and Cops…Chaos reigns from gutter to upper hive.

Hobonomicon #0 also contains the beginning of the Comic Death of a Reaver, the epic tragic saga of the DCC band members. 

Rules SetDCC RPG

Written by: Doug Kovacs, Stefan Poag, Wayne Snyder, Harley Stroh, Terry Olson, Tom Colley, & others
Artwork by: Doug Kovacs & Stefan Poag
Additional Contributors: Jarrett Crater, Clea Bennett, James MacGeorge

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