Announcing the 2022 Road Crew!

We’re Back on the Road!

This year’s Road Crew theme is just that: we’re happy to be out and about once more, seeing people in person and enjoying being back on the road!

Our Road Crew members can go and get the details on the current year and what it holds for them. The biggest news is that by running games you are now Road Crew Members! Being a member grants you access to exclusive sections of the Goodman Games Store, where you can currently order the first three swag kits (if you qualify) and who knows what else might show up there…

You can get all of the details over on the 2022 Road Crew Landing Page right now!

And if you aren’t familiar with the Road Crew, it’s how you get swag for simply running your favorite game! Whether it’s Dungeon Crawl ClassicsMutant Crawl ClassicsDCC LankhmarOriginal Adventures Reincarnated, Fifth Edition FantasyXcrawl ClassicsMetamorphosis Alpha, or any other game Goodman Games publishes, they all qualify and get you swag!

Yes, that’s right, just play your game in a store, at a con, or at your favorite watering hole or library, online, or anywhere that people can participate and we’ll send you free swag. The more games you play, the better the swag gets. You keep leveling up as you run more games! It’s that simple. 

We’re Back on the Road! And we can’t wait to see you all out at shows and in-person throughout the year!

Author: pandabrett

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