Road Crew Landing Page – World Tour 2022

Hail Road Crew! Welcome to the 2022 Road Crew HQ!

Keep running games! Your games in 2023 will count toward road crew swag. We’ll roll out the new 2023 road crew soon!

It’s time to start earning your swag! Once again Dungeon Crawl Classics calls to the faithful to bring 1974 gaming to the masses! Join the Road Crew and help us spread the good news: gaming is awesome again!

The Goodman Games 2022 World Tour is now officially up and running! Run games for any of the Goodman Games product lines and you’ll qualify for Road Crew Membership that unlocks exclusive swag in our online store!

With every game you run throughout the year, you get one step closer to earning limited-edition swag exclusive to Road Crew members.

How does it work?

Simply run a game that is open for play or viewable to the public. As you run games, you work towards different plateaus of swag. And all of the swag is free. Plus, domestic customers pay no shipping (see note below). International customers get the swag for free, but do have to pay the shipping costs.

NOTE: The cost of the swag is free. For customers in the United States, shipping on the swag is also free. Outside of the US normal shipping costs apply.

What qualifies as a Road Crew game?

To qualify as a Road Crew game, you have to run a Goodman Games RPG—Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, Original Adventures Reincarnated, Xcrawl, Metamorphosis Alpha, Fifth Edition Fantasy, or any other game we publish—and the game must be open to the public. This can happen through any public platform (Twitch, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc.—including podcasts), just make sure that people can discover and play your game or enjoy them online!

And do make sure you always post your game to our Events Page!

Exclusive Members-Only Swag Store For The Road Crew

When you join the Road Crew, you get access to an exclusive members-only section of the online store! It includes special Road Crew swag and other goodies that appear from time to time.

How do you join the Road Crew, then? Simply run your first event and post it to our Events Page! Posting an event is a part of getting get set up to order swag, so as soon as you know the final dates and times, go ahead and post it online. And it’s a great place to find other events that are being run near you!

Important change from prior years: Road Crew swag is now only available to members in the online store. Once you sign up for your first event, you’ll get access to the Road Crew page on the online store, linking you to the swag! Once you’ve posted your game on The Events Page, we’ll pull your information (or contact you for your Goodman Games account email) and get your Road Crew Membership in place. We’ll get you set up from your post. That’s all you need to do to have your Road Crew membership activated, we’ll do all the rest to get you set as an active member of the Road Crew. This will open up the swag section of the online store for you, and give you the ability to order your free rewards!

On your Account page on the online store, you’ll see a new section that details what is open to your new Road Crew status. Click on the images below to see what that will look like on your account page.


If you need to know more or need help with an issue, please contact our head of the Road Crew, Judge Brendan. He’ll be happy to assist you in any way he can.

Plus, feel free to share stories about your games! We love to hear from our Road Crew team, and who knows, you might even end up the feature of a spotlight on our website.

Tell me about the swag!

Gladly! We’ve got some cool awards awaiting you in 2022!

Below is the list of swag for this year. When you run the number of games indicated, you are qualified to order that swag.

  • One game – 10 Bookmarks with character sheets + 7 Mechanical Pencils
  • Three Games – 5 Folders with Shanna/ Van art + 1 pack of sticky notes
  • Five Games – 1 Graph paper pad + 5 Iconic band character buttons
  • Seven Games – 1 exclusive Road Crew t-shirt + 5 Iconic band character buttons
  • Nine Games – 1 Judge’s Screen + 5 “satin” dice bags
  • Eleven Games – A Death Stamp + 7 Branded sets of d6s
  • Thirteen Games – The 2022 Road Crew Belt Buckle

Pictures of the swag!

Here’s what the swag looks like! We’ll be updating these pics as more images arrive.

Game One Swag
Game Three Swag
Game Five Swag
Game Seven Swag
Game Nine Swag
Game Eleven Swag
Game Thirteen Swag

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