Community Publisher Profile: G. Scott Swift

We recently sat down with a pirate to discuss his work. A Purple Pirate to be exact—one by the name of G. Scott Swift. Let’s see what he had to say!

Who are you and what makes you a member of the DCC/MCC Community?

I’m G. Scott Swift, a 3rd party publisher, writer, and editor for DCC/MCC adventures under the flag of Purple Pirate Games. 

Tell us about Secrets of the World Harvesters.

Secrets of the World Harvesters is my first published adventure. It inserts science fiction into a fantasy setting and, at the conclusion, plausibly allows the Judge to introduce the players to the various genres that the DCC/MCC rulesets offer.

You have a new adventure, A Discordance with Dzyvatz, coming out soon. What’s that about?

A Discordance with Dzyvatz is written by Yves LaRochelle. It is Purple Pirate Game’s 2nd offering and the first not written by me. This adventure is a bit whimsical and requires the players to venture into the Abyss to confront the demon prince Dzyvatz in order to save the world. Note: the adventure is already out.

Both adventures are filled with artwork, giving people a real feel for the setting. Was that your plan from the outset?

Yes, I love art and work hand in hand with my artists, who are amazing. I want every page to have art on it with hand-drawn borders and full-page pieces. My adventures usually take a year to complete the artwork. I never rush my artists or give hard timelines because I want them to produce the best they can.

How did the Covid-19 pandemic affect your personal gaming and professional publishing?

The pandemic ended the in-person gaming that I used to do at least once a month with my local friends. They were who I playtested with and otherwise gamed. I live near Milwaukee, Wisconsin and there are two amazing cons nearby, Gary Con and GameHole Con. Needless to say, they were canceled for some time and I didn’t get to go. I love those cons because I get to see friends like yourself that I otherwise never get to see in person. I also love gaming with the DCC Judges like Brendan LaSalle and Doug Kovacs. They are the best of the best.

As for how the pandemic affected the publishing, it really hasn’t. Outside of two of my artists (one is my layout genius), I’ve always interacted via long distance. I still visit the local artists as needed and use a local printer for the books. Oh, international orders to some countries have been affected and I’m still dealing with shipping a few books to those.

What’s in the future for Purple Pirate Games?

We are going to continue to put out art-filled adventures about once a year. My team is ready to crank out art. Our next project is an MCC adventure named Installation 665 by Julian Bernick.

Thanks for taking some time out and speaking with us. We can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Author: jmcdevitt

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