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A Level 5 Adventure sending the characters to the Abyss!

The Black Root of Abysmal Domination, sent to the material plane to beguile all humankind by Dzyvatz, a demon with a thirst for power and followers. His initial attempt was foiled, but the power of the root perseveres. Now a band of adventurers must destroy the root before it sews chaos across the land. This will be no easy task—the root must be returned to the domain of Dzyvatz. To do so, the brave band must survive the Repugnantly Detestable Crypt of Makalakhi the Mad and enter the depths of the Abyss!

Published by: Purple Pirate Games

Written by: Yves Larochelle
Art by: J.M. Woiak, Heather Shinn, Jack Badashski, Kurt Wolfe, Stefan Poag, Jeff Dee, Mark Allen, and Scott Ackerman
Additional Contributors: G. Scott Swift and Scott McKinley

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