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Sci-fi sprinkled in with fantasy in this adventure and setting guide to kickoff your genre-hopping (or not) campaign.

Secrets of the World Harvesters is a standalone, level 1 DCC-compatible adventure and setting guide that blends fantasy and science fiction as the players unravel the mysteries of their planet’s past. 

The adventure leads the players to an ancient ruin unearthed by receding glaciers as the planet thaws from a millennia-long ice age. Beneath the ruins, an even older piece to the puzzle of their forgotten past awaits discovery.

The book contains:

  • 60 saddle-stitch 8½ x 11 pages on premium silk paper.
  • Glossy coated color cover.
  • 45 pieces of original art, including 5 full-page pieces plus numerous nearly-full-page pieces, and 9 hand-drawn maps.
  • A 10-page patron write-up of Takisaka, the Mother of Serpents, by Daniel J. Bishop, including a full-page illustration, 3 new spells, an Invoke Patron table, a Patron Taint table, and a Shedding Your Skin.

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Published by: Purple Pirate Games

Written by: G. Scott Swift
Art by: Joe Woiak, Heather Shinn, Jack Badashki, and Scott McKinley
Additional Contributors: Daniel J. Bishop 

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