Best Selling MCC RPG Third Party Supplements of 2021

Top MCC Third Party Publisher Products, 2021

As we continue our look back at 2021, it’s always great to track the trends and see what’s popular in our online store. In looking specifically at our Third Party releases (leaving aside ‘zines for now — they are the subject for another day) we got a clear look yesterday at what DCC fans have been clamoring to get over the last year, and today we look at the most popular Mutant Crawl Classics publications from Third Parties.

Our rankings are based on a combination of total sales, and dollar sales. All of our “big books,” like hardbacks, tend to score higher because they are at a higher price point. But when you just look at copies sold, you get a few different titles floating to the top. Therefore, sometimes our ‘Top 10 Lists’ are actually comprised of more than ten items, since we combine total dollar sales with total numbers sold to come up with the best list possible. Our MCC Top Ten list, however, is an eponymous ten entries long!

So, without further ado, here are the top ten MCC Third Party bestsellers for the last year…

#1 Star Crawl

The very popular second printing of the main rules for Star Crawl led our list — with additional other supplements placing below. Ready to escape the shackles of terrestrial campaigns? Star Crawl is here to take your games across the cosmos! This full-size perfect bound book is packed to the gills with useful rules and tools for sci-fi gaming in the DCC and MCC style!

#2 Crypt of the Science-Wizard

Crypt of the Science-Wizard is a 1st-level adventure designed for use with the DCC and MCC RPGs. In a time-lost desert near an uncanny oasis, you finally find it — the lost crypt of Kersete. Was he an undead wizard or a robe-clad artificial intelligence? The rumors were not specific, and you weren’t paying attention that closely anyway. All you heard was that there were fabulous treasures to be had if one could only navigate the tricks and traps of his tomb. Sure, no one who ever sought his tomb has returned to tell the tale, but they didn’t have your level of grit, guile, and greed.

#3 Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2019

Last year’s number one. Not only is the 2019 edition of Gongfarmer’s Almanac still extremely popular, but all of the Almanacs are consistently in demand, so we are lumping them all together here.

Written, illustrated, edited and produced by the DCC RPG G+ community, this yearly almanac collects the entire year of the ‘zine, and is absolutely chock full of new adventures, artifacts, patrons, monsters — well, everything, really. Includes material for both DCC and MCC.

#4 Cryptocodex

Both hardback and softback versions of Cryptocodex are proving very popular with gamers looking to add more critters — both benign and malevolent — to their apocalyptic aftermath RPGs. Designed to integrate easily into any Dungeon Crawl Classics or Mutant Crawl Classics setting.

#5 Enchiridion of the Computarchs

MCC/DCC casting supplement couched in high-technobabble style for your post-apocalyptic, far-future, and dystopian-future campaigns. Enchiridion of the Computarchs seeks to give a judge the leg up on developing and using casting mechanics and concepts in high-tech settings. This book encompasses a range of material concerning computers and programs that a “techno-caster” (like the MCC shaman class, or those classes found in Cyber Sprawl ClassicsCrawljammerUmericaTerror of the Stratosfiend, and Star Crawl Classics) can utilize. You will not only find a collection of spells (aka. programs) in this book but also a new d24 spellburn table, new mechanics for spell failure, and a brief corruption table all couched in a high-technobabble style for your post-apocalyptic, far-future, and dystopian-future campaigns. Available as hard or softback.

#6 MCC: The Rats of Gim

A 48-page FULL-COLOR level 1-2 Adventure module compatible with Mutant Crawl Classics RPG

An isolated forest village has fallen victim to a strange new plague…a plague that rapidly turns its victims into raging mutant monstrosities! The source of the affliction seems to be a hideous new breed of mutant rats. The desperate villagers implore your band of Seekers to help!

The trail leads to an underground laboratory of the Ancients, where not one, but two holographic AI’s claim control. What mysteries lie buried within this complex, and what other terrifying monsters did the Ancients create here? Will your Seekers fall victim to this virulent plague, or can they solve the secrets…

#7 Star Crawl: Beyond the Flesh

Star Crawl’s best selling supplement (after the main book of course!) presents full rules for adding cybernetics to your Star Crawl games, including guidance and rules for including cybernetics in DCC and MCC! Introducing a new Star Crawl class: the CyberDoc, specialist in cybernetic surgery, special rules for New Flesh: dangerous semi-intelligent organic implants, vehicle pursuit rules to quickly add exciting chases to your games, and a complete adventure, “The Cybernetic Underbelly”!

#8 Merchants of the Multiverse

Merchants of the Multiverse is an MCC zine with new artifacts, rules for trading, and a brand new adventure! Scarcity and surplus, supply and demand; whether it be need of guzzoline, water, or super-tech, the world will continue to operate off these adages after civilization falls. We’ve created this zine to help fill in those gaps for your post-apocalyptic game, primarily for use in Mutant Crawl Classics, but these rules can be easily adapted for use with other post-apocalypse or science-fantasy settings.

#9 Children of the Fallen Sun

A Level 1 Adventure for MCC RPG. Only the heartiest of your species have a chance of surviving the dangers that accompany the arcane ancient technology developed by the Children of the Fallen Sun. This 60-page product includes a complete adventure, new mutations, artifacts, and two full AI Patron write ups.

#10 Star Crawl: Electric Friends

You’ve been hired to scavenge a long-forgotten robot factory and failure is not an option! This is the second standalone adventure module for Star Crawl, intended for a party of 3rd level characters.

After all those great third party MCC titles, be sure to check out 2021’s Best Selling DCC Third Party Releases for a look at the other side of the coin.

Or maybe you really want to try your hand at creating something for DCC or MCC? If so, check out our post on how to be a third party publisher.

And this is just a small sample of what is available. We’ve got a ton of great product from other folks on our site, and we encourage you to check out everything from all of our Third Party Publishers!

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