So You Want To Be A DCC or MCC Third-Party Publisher?

Did you know that Goodman Games allows publishers to produce their own material that is fully compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics or Mutant Crawl Classics? It’s true!

We offer a formal license and an official logo to attach to your product to show that it is something that will work with our games—and we charge a fair price for it, too. Free.

Check out some recent releases like Kingdoms of Africa, The Tome of Debasement Zine, or The Cryptocodex to see an example of the kinds of content you could create! Yes, you can even create books that are for BOTH DCC RPG and MCC RPG. And you can become part of this publishing family at no additional cost.

That’s right! The DCC/MCC license is totally free and at no expense to the publisher!

The most important criteria for obtaining the license is simply that we believe you are producing quality material of interest to our fans. The goal of this is to foster creativity and ensure DCC/MCC fans have a great source of constantly evolving new options for their games. We believe the game is what YOU want it to be, and we “put our money where our mouth is” in that regard by offering this free license.

On top of that, in order to subsidize the process, we purchase hard copies of the finished product direct from the publishers so that we can offer them for sale on our website. One type of publication that is near and dear to our hearts are those made by the DIY creators out there who want to create zines and other low-budget books so they can share their ideas and vision. We love to see the amazing creativity of our fans on display, no matter the cost that goes into the finished product. We want your games to come alive!

And maybe you’ll have the next big hit, making it to our list of the Top Selling Third-Party Zines or Top Selling Third-Party Supplements. And if you want some help and advice, be sure to check out the Third-Party Publishing Seminars from DCC Days Online, currently available to watch on YouTube!

If you are a creator/publisher who wants to know more about our third-party license, simply email us at We’re happy to provide a copy of the license and hear your thoughts on what you would like to publish! This is your chance to get your dream book published and become a contributing part of the DCC/MCC community! 

Author: billward

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