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Merchants of the Multiverse Zine – Print + PDF + VTT Tokens


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Merchants of the Multiverse is an MCC zine with new artifacts, rules for trading, and a brand new adventure!

Scarcity and surplus, supply and demand; whether it be need of guzzoline, water, or super-tech, the world will continue to operate off these adages after civilization falls. We’ve created this zine to help fill in those gaps for your post-apocalyptic game, primarily for use in Mutant Crawl Classics, but these rules can be easily adapted for use with other post-apocalypse or science-fantasy settings.

It contains the following: over 50 new artifacts of the ancients, rules for trading artifacts, 7 colorful merchants from around the multiverse, original and fully illustrated monsters, strange communities from the world of Terra A.D., tons of adventure seeds, a brand new MCC adventure, amazing and original art from Boson Au, tables for trading and travel, and tips for MCC-ifying those DCC adventures.

Merchants of the Multiverse is a 43-page long MCC zine written by Stefan Surratt and Boson Au. All of the art was done by Boson Au and the layout by Stefan Surratt. Editing was done by Alex Dennis, Paul Schipitsch, and Stefan Surratt.

Now includes both a PDF version of the book and the token pack for use with VTT gaming!

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Check out this free PDF preview of Merchants of the Multiverse!

Published by: Dragon Peak Publishing

Written by: Stefan Surratt and Boson Au
Art by: Boson Au


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