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Now in stores – Visit your local game store now to pick up copies of the Metamorphosis Alpha softcover collector’s edition, the DCC RPG rules in softcover (standard cover and wizard cover), and DCC #90: The Dread God Al-Khazadar (standard cover and sketch cover); or order them from our online store!

And exclusively from our web store, the Free RPG Day modules are now for sale, individually packaged. There are five collectible covers and you can now select the one you want! Only while supplies last. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Mutant Crawl Classics – The apocalypse is coming soon! Watch this space in the very near future for the beginning of the Mutant Crawl Classics Kickstarter!

Previous Updates

June 18 - Free RPG Day – Free RPG Day is TODAY at a store near you. Mutant Crawl Classics and DCC Lankhmar are here!

June 15 - Free RPG Day – Free RPG Day is this Saturday at a store near you. Make sure to pick up your Mutant Crawl Classics and DCC Lankhmar adventures! And once you get your module, take a selfie with the module and tag us! Everybody who takes a selfie showing off their Free RPG Day adventure will receive a digital copy of some Mutant Crawl Classics art. We can’t show you what it is yet - but you’ll see it when the MCC Kickstarter launches - and you’re going to love it!

Additionally, the FREE adventure The Shambling Un-Dead is now available for download! Read it ahead of time and run it this weekend at your local store!

June 13 - Free RPG Day – Free RPG Day is this Saturday at a store near you. If you need an adventure to run this weekend, we’ve got you covered! Our next Road Crew funnel tournament, the Shambling Un-Dead, will be available later this week for FREE download. Run it on Free RPG Day at your local store! 

June 10 - Free RPG Day pregen characters – We’re only one week away from Free RPG Day! Go to your local game store Saturday, June 18 to pick up our adventures and play! Pregenerated characters for Mutant Crawl Classics can be found here, and characters for DCC Lankhmar can be found here

Origins Game Fair – Origins is coming next weekend too! Visit us at booth 430 and game with Brendan LaSalle! June 15-19 in Columbus, OH.

June 3 - North Texas RPG Con – This weekend is the North Texas RPG Con in Fort Worth! Look for Michael Curtis, Doug Kovacs, Jobe Bittman, Jon Hershberger, and Jim Wampler running games and selling these great new products:

Judges Guild: Dark Tower 
NTRPG reprint

Judges Guild: Caverns
of Thracia

DCC #71: The 13th Skull
sketch cover

DCC #90: The Dread God

DCC #90: The Dread God
Al-Khazadar sketch cover

Metamorphosis Alpha t-shirt

Judges Guild black t-shirt

Judges Guild white t-shirt

DCC RPG skull t-shirt

May 30 - Legends of Tabletop – The Legends of Tabletop podcast recently talked to Michael Curtis and Jim Wampler about this year’s Free RPG Day adventure! Listen to the podcast to hear them speak about their work on this year's Free RPG Day release, including a DCC Lankhmar adventure by Michael Curtis and a Mutant Crawl Classics adventure by Jim Wampler!

May 27 - DCC RPG Softcover – The hardcover fourth printing of the DCC RPG book is still in production at the printers, but while we’re waiting we went to an alternate universe and grabbed a bunch of DCC RPG softcover rulebooks! This should bridge the gap and keep everyone happy while we wait for the official fourth printing. Watch this space for more details!

May 16 - Judges Guild Road Crew – Now there’s Road Crew swag for the Judges Guild! Just tell us if you’re running a Judges Guild module, or a DCC adaptation of a Judges Guild module, and we’ll include some of these buttons. Check out the World Tour page for details on how to run a Road Crew game.

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