Announcing Latest XCC RPG Adventure Modules In The Works

So much information came out of the recent episode of The Maw of Mike that you might have missed a piece or two—but don’t worry, we’ll help out.

We’ve got news on Xcrawl Classics! Perfectly complementing the cover art to XCC RPG, we’re showcasing three new adventure module covers—all by Doug Kovacs! These three are just a part of the Xcrawl Classics line that will be launched as a Kickstarter in 2022.

If you want to jump in now, you can grab a FREE copy of the XCC RPG beta rules in PDF format, and then check out the results of the Save Xcrawl Tournament from Empire of the Cyclops Con. Everything is building towards the huge Kickstarter event coming your way in 2022!

Right now, though, let’s look at what to expect from these three modules!

Bay City Fire Storm

It’s time for the game that lives to yeet a holy water balloon at mosh pit fiends: Xcrawl Classics! That’s right – your favorite televised death sport is now powered by the mighty Dungeon Crawl Classics engine and it’s wilder, funner, XCRAWLY-ER than ever! 

DJ N-Ten, lauded as the tenth generation ancestor of Emperor Norton of San Fransisco, invites you to the Division I event of the year! Prepare yourself for a baseball doubleheader, delivery via dragon, and a being of pure Kan-Evil. Keep your eyes on the skies because this one’s a firestorm! 

Bay City Fire Storm is a 5th level scalable adventure, equally fun as a stand-alone scenario or as part of an ongoing Xcrawl Classics campaign. 

Death in the Dungeon of Tomorrow

Ladies, gentlemen, non-binaries, and goblins: it’s time for the game that knows exactly how many licks it takes to get to the center of an owlbear, Xcrawl Classics! The world’s favorite Live-On-Pay-Per-View-Death-Sport.

The team is in trouble after an embarrassing arrest turns into a national scandal sending sponsors fleeing and Division II events withdrawing invitations! Luckily a strange job offer from an unlikely source promises to rescue the team before they’re forced back to their day jobs. Does this timely bit of fortune portend a danger greater than our heroes have ever faced? Your dungeon delinquents must screw down their courage, get in their spacesuits, and not skimp on the Mojo, lest they face Death in the Dungeon of Tomorrow

Death in the Dungeon of Tomorrow is a 4th level scalable adventure that works equally well as a stand-alone scenario or part of an ongoing Xcrawl Classics campaign. 

Murder Mountain Smackdown

An unscrupulous young DJ, looking to make a name for themself at any cost. A monster coordinator willing to look the other way on safety concerns. An immortal cosmic being tricked into compromising its holy mission to earn big bucks for the network. And a group of unsuspecting dreamers who just want their shot at becoming heroes on prime time. Add a race to the top of a peak populated with dangerous monsters, devious traps, and breathtaking physical challenges and you’ve got the recipe for a Murder Mountain Smackdown

Murder Mountain Smackdown is a zero-level character funnel adventure that is a perfect beginning for a new Xcrawl Classics campaign. 

Author: pandabrett

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