Announcing the Results of the Save Xcrawl Tournament

Thanks to the efforts of so many players, we are pleased to announce that…Xcrawl is saved!

This past weekend at Empire of the Cyclops Con the Goodman Games Open Tournament returned with the Save Xcrawl event. After much showmanship and slashing, a final team was found to be triumphant, and we’re here to announce the winning team:

The Punxsutawney Painiacs!

The Painiacs defeated The Aquabats in the final round to be crowned the champions of the 2021 Open Tournament, and will have their names inscribed upon the Gong of Doom!

As you can see from the results below, it was a hard-fought tournament, and we want to thank every team for helping to make the Save Xcrawl tournament a ton of fun.

Let’s look at the round-by-round results!

Round 1 Friday night:

  1. The Aquabats – 23 (Sean Smith, Joe Cirillo, William Keller, Tristan Gregory, Cyrus Duane)
  2. The Bombadil Bombers – 18 (Ryan Brewton, Ryan Bishop, James Garbarino, David Holmes, Matt Pegolo)
  3. The Aleister Crawlers – 15 (Matthew House, Justin Payton, Travis Rapp, Bryan Nelson)
  4. PUNJAR WEAK-ENDERS – 10 (Trevor Russ, Terry Zimmerman, Stefan Stefan, Mihailo Tešić, Svebor Midzic)
  5. Blood and Sunder – 5 (Tim Jansen, Tim Murly, York’s Rex, Jason Riddell)

Round 1 Saturday morning:

  1. The Punxsutawney Painiacs – 42 (Jim Meyers, Julian Hayley, Cory Welch, Aaron Koelman, Jeremy Harpestad)
  2. The Coalition of Chaos – 33 (Jeff Bair, Stephanie Bair, John Mikel, Laz Green, Marc Mazour) 
  3. Cyclopean Architects – 20 (Dan Sich, Jason Kruyer, Christopher Messemore, Jeremy Harpstad)
  4. 6D9 – 16 (Sohrab Nafici, Josh Harrison, Grant Price, Geoff Knox, Mica Stanton)

Round 2 Finals:

  1. The Punxsutawney Painiacs – 70
  2. The Aquabats – 62

We also want to send out a huge thanks to all of the Judges and creators who made this possible.


  • Mike Bolam (DJ Deathrider)
  • Stefan (DJ Chrome Dome)
  • Jim Skach (DJ Pyschopomp)
  • James Pozenel (DJ Super Death)
  • Haley Skach (DJ Killer Queen)
  • Mark Palmer (DJ MacTallica)
  • Harley Stroh (DJ Strobe-Light)
  • Brendan LaSalle (DJ LaBoss)


  • Terry Olson (DJ Statblock)
  • Marzio Muscedere
  • Stephen Newton
  • Brendan LaSalle
  • Marc Bruner (DJ Huggy Owlbear)


  • Matt Hildebrand
  • Stefan Poag

Author: pandabrett

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