Announcing the 2021 Road Crew!

A new day has dawned and a new era has begun. Many of you thought this day might never happen, but let us assure you, it’s real. It’s true.

That’s right, the 2021 Road Crew Page is now live!

Our Road Crew members can go and get the details on the upcoming year and what it holds for them. The theme of this year is stickers, and we’ve got some fabulous designs that will be heading your way. (Does anyone remember our Sticker Design Contest, by chance…?)

We’ve streamlined the process quite a bit for 2021, and we hope that all members of the Road Crew will find this much easier to navigate. The goal is to make it as fun and simple an operation as possible.

And if you aren’t a member of the Road Crew yet, now is a great time to sign up! You can still qualify for the January swag, and then benefit throughout the year for games that you play.

So head on over to the Road Crew 2021 Landing Page and get all the details. The new season has begun!

Author: pandabrett

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