Announcing the Winners of Our DCC Sticker Design Contest

We had a sticker design contest. People sent in some incredible entries for it. After that, you folks were asked to choose the winners from our favorites. You sent in hundreds of votes. And now we’re announcing who you chose!

Look for the winning stickers to appear in physical “real-life sticker form” in the coming months—more details to come on how all fans can get their copies!

The design for the overall winner was done by Ian Rawle!

Artist: Ian Rawle

We have a two-way tie for 2nd place, so BOTH of them are taking the second spot!

Artist: Joe Abborneo
Artist: Ian Rawle

There is also a two-way tie for 3rd place! (Seriously!) So welcome BOTH of these winners as well!

Artist: Daniel Salcido
Artist: Ambika Kirkland

All five winning designs will be turned into physical stickers! Look for more details to arrive soon! And thank you to everyone who entered and everyone who voted. You guys are amazing!

Author: pandabrett

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