Submit Your Creations for We Are The Road Crew #3!


It’s by the Road Crew and for the Road Crew. It’s the zine that highlights some of the best and brightest out there, bringing their stories and material to life. It is…We Are The Road Crew!

Two issues of We Are The Road Crew have already been published, but—as you might have guessed—a third is in the works. The illustrious editor Judge Zedd is now putting together the third annual issue of We Are The Road Crew and he is looking for material to fill its pages. So if you are someone who has always wanted to get some of your material published, this is your chance.

We need YOU for We Are The Road Crew issue #3! We need everything from homebrew monsters and rules to cool ways to play online and exciting stories from your tabletop or desktop! And, as always, we are looking for lots of artwork and fun Judges to interview. So, in short, we need YOU to make this issue great. 

Send your submissions or questions to

The second issue of We Are The Road Crew is still available for Judges who have run an event in 2020 (or in 2021 for that matter) over in our online store.


Author: jmcdevitt

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