2020 Road Crew – We Are The Road Crew #2


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Do you want to have your own copy of We Are The Road Crew #2? Here is where you order them!

The second issue contains all-new material including:

  • A review of the Weird Realms store in Cleveland, OH
  • Advice from Judges
  • A new patron: Grogar
  • The gonzo character background generator 
  • A new adventure set in the Shudder Mountains

If you have run a Road Crew game in 2020, you qualify to order this book! Any event you have run as a part of the Road Crew qualifies you.

REQUIREMENTS: To qualify as a 2020 Road Crew game, you have to run a Goodman Games RPG—Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, Xcrawl, Metamorphosis Alpha, Fifth Edition Fantasy, or any other game we publish—and the game must be open to the public. In the current era, that means you have run online games on public platforms (Twitch, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc.)—just make sure that new people can discover and play your game! You must include the event date, time, and place of your game on our Events Page. Orders without this information will not be processed.

Cover art: Tom Galambos and Jesse Mohn
Interior art: Tom Galambos, Jesse Mohn, and Carmin Vance
Editors: Zak Lane and Marc Bruner
Contributing editors: Michael Jones, and Chris Jeffers
Additional content: Judge Brandon Bragg, Judge Eddie Bartlett, Judge Fuzzbang, Judge Bruce, and Judge Ian Shears
Layout: Matt Hildebrand


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