The 2018 David Baity Charity Raffle

It’s time to do some good.

Once more David Baity is stepping up to the plate. As he did last year, David is having a huge charity raffle to benefit a local charity. This year he has chosen Feline Lifeline, an organization that helps feral cats find a new home and the hope to live a full and happy life.

Doug Kovacs original art is part of the raffle!

And Goodman Games is again helping out. We’ve got a copy of Into the Borderlands that we’ve added to the mix, but David has a ton of amazing product for Dungeon Crawl Classics and Mutant Crawl Classics that is a part of this raffle. Which includes Doug Kovacs’ original inked artwork for Doom of the Savage Kings and an original by Stefan Poag from his Dagon book! Oh, and also some original art from a guy named Erol Otus. Maybe you’ve heard of him, too. It’s an amazing collection of limited and rare items, that you can’t get anywhere else! 

Stefan Poag’s original art for the raffle

His raffle comes to a close on November 11th, so let’s take these closing days to show the love that can come from the Goodman Games community. Show some DCC and MCC love, and help out some cats and kittens that can’t do it on their own. Last year you guys came through for him, helping to raise over $3ooo for charity, and he’s over halfway to that total now. Let’s see if we can’t push him way past it!

Head to the raffle here!

Erol Otus’ original art for the raffle

Author: pandabrett

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