One-Of-A-Kind DCC Charity Raffle

According to the internet, cats are popular. I’ve seen at LEAST two videos and pictures of them online just this week. Amazing to hear, I know.

But not all cats have the warm happy home that we picture while seeing those videos. A lot of times there are kittens that are left out in the cold, sick and suffering. Well, Dave Baity is trying to do something to help those kittens out. Dave is holding a Charity Raffle on his Google+ page, with all benefits going to the Kits N Kats rescue shelter in South Carolina. He has an amazing story about it on his Google+ page, describing what led to this and what he’s willing to do to help them out.

And you can help. Every dollar donated gets you one entry into a raffle to win an amazing prize package. Tons of material from Goodman Games and other companies are part of this bundle. There is even a one-of-a-kind wood carved DCC book created by Ken Campbell that is simply gorgeous. So open up your hearts and your PayPal account to give a little bit for the kittens. You can send your donation to, or just click to take you directly to donate.

Goodman Games is not officially a part of this raffle, but we are so impressed with it and the efforts Dave has put forward that we encourage you to go give what you can. Even one dollar helps. The charity raffle runs through midnight, June 5th, but don’t wait. Go there now! We thank you. Dave thanks you. Kits N Kats thanks you. And, most importantly, the kittens thank you.

Author: pandabrett

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