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It’s a big week for Mutant Crawl Classics, with three new releases hitting at the same time! One online, one in stores, and one that is everywhere.

New in our online store, you can buy Meandering – Across The Radlands, the new MCC zine. This is from the same folks that bring you the great Meanderings zine for DCC.

Now in stores and in our online store, you can buy MCC #9: Evil of the Ancients. And, as we announced at our What’s New With Goodman Games Seminar, it’s print + PDF, whether you buy it online or at a store. If you are just looking for the PDF, we’ve got that option available in our online store.

And exclusively in hobby retail stores is our MCC Red Foil Hobby Retailer Edition. This exclusive edition is only available in stores. You cannot buy it online or at a convention, so be sure to check our retail locator, and visit your FLGS to pick one up.

Check out the details below!


Meandering – Across The Radlands #1

The first issue introduces a series of articles which can be used to bring the setting more in line with a near post-apocalyptic event. Within are 30 paper minis which encapsulate the pre-gen characters from the Museum at the End of Time free RPG Day adventure, as well as some telepathic rats.

It also introduces the first alternate manimal class, the Buggeyman, an intimidating giant insecta. Vault of the Ancients introduces some new items for Seekers to stumble upon.


MCC #9: Evil of the Ancients

A Level 3 Adventure for MCC RPG!

For centuries it has lurked in the dark, forgotten by man and mutant – a terrible entity left behind by the Ancients’ meddling in cosmic forces they did not fully understand. Trapped in this world, this alien intellect seeks only to escape, but to do so, it requires lives. What the adventurers think is just another forgotten vault left behind by the Ancients may in truth contain the most terrifying threat they’ve ever face: the Evil of the Ancients!


MCC Red Foil Hobby Retailer Edition

In conjunction with the release of the second printing on Mutant Crawl Classics, we’re proud to release the new Red Foil Hobby Retailer Edition of MCC! This version is ONLY available in retail hobby shops, so be sure to check out our retailer locator to find the FLGS near you to find it. This is a LIMITED EDITION. Once we are sold out, it is gone, so do not delay! The MCC Red Foil Hobby Retailer Edition carries a retail price of $60.00, and is sure to go fast.


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