Meandering – Across the Radlands #1


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New MCC RPG Compatible material. Featuring the Buggeyman Manimal Class, 30 paper minis, and an introduction to the Radlands.

This digest sized zine features 22 pages of material.

This issue introduces a series of articles which can be used to bring the setting more in line with a near post-apocalyptic event. Within are 30 paper minis which encapsulate the pre-gen characters from the Museum at the End of Time free RPG Day adventure, as well as some telepathic rats.

It also introduces the first alternate manimal class, the Buggeyman, an intimidating giant insecta. Vault of the Ancients introduces some new items for Seekers to stumble upon.

And for an overview on the History of DCC Zines be sure to check out this article!

Published by: Epic Meanderings

Written by: R.S.Tilton
Art by: R.S.Tilton, Mario  Torres, Morgan Tilton, Sarah Holt, and Ian Tilton
Editors: Jeff Scifert and Keith Garrett

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