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3PP_GenConPerhaps one of the least talked about things about Gen Con is the amazing selection of third party products at the Goodman Games booth. Gen Con is the only place where you can see all the DCC third party items pulled together in one place. It’s a great chance to browse all the wonderful creations of our enthusiastic fan base in one jaw-dropping display. A big thanks to everyone who supported their work at Gen Con by buying the third-party items from our booth, you wiped us out! A lot of our items were left in low or out-of-stock levels, but we’ve got a replacement shipment on the way, so be sure to check back soon.

In the meantime, we’ve got two brand-new products that are making their debut today! So check out the selections below!


The Deck of Twisted Terrors

A tarot deck of 70 post apocalyptic creatures from Umerica for game masters to use as a quick reference.

A collection of 70 post apocalyptic creatures from Umerica for game masters to use as a quick reference during play or to pull random encounters from. Each card has the creature’s image on one side and its abbreviated write up on the other. For more information on each creature, please reference the Twisted Menagerie Manual page referenced at the bottom of each card.

TPB2 - Stone Heir

The Phlogiston Books Vol. II: The Stone Heir

Two adventures (and more!) exploring what happens between levels 0 and 1.

You made it! You’ve survived your first adventure, armed with a stick and with a hen by your side. You’ve watched your comrades and neighbors die, got undreamt-of riches and are now unwilling to go back to the pathetic life of a peasant. But you don’t become a warrior just by grabbing a sword or a sorcerer after reading a book.

This volume of The Phlogiston Books explores how a bunch of pathetic village peasants become a bunch of pathetic mercenaries, cutpurses, sorcerers, and holy men. And it does so with heroic quests that will inspire the bards’ musical pieces, such as Pigs from the Pit, an adventure for newly-minted first level characters, or The Stone Heir, an adventure for hardened level 1 characters.

Two great new releases to tantalize and terrorize, both at the same time! So be sure to check out these great new releases and the rest of our third party product in our online store!


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