The Phlogiston Books Vol. II: The Stone Heir


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Two adventures (and more!) exploring what happens between levels 0 and 1.

You made it! You’ve survived your first adventure, armed with a stick and with a hen by your side. You’ve watched your comrades and neighbors die, got undreamt-of riches and are now unwilling to go back to the pathetic life of a peasant. But you don’t become a warrior just by grabbing a sword or a sorcerer after reading a book.

This volume of The Phlogiston Books explores how a bunch of pathetic village peasants become a bunch of pathetic mercenaries, cutpurses, sorcerers, and holy men. And it does so with heroic quests that will inspire the bards’ musical pieces, such as Pigs from the Pit, an adventure for newly-minted first level characters, or The Stone Heir, an adventure for hardened level 1 characters.

headerPublished by: Other Selves

Written by: Gabriel Garcia-Soto, Jose Manuel Sanchez Garcia, and Jose Luiz Cardoso
Art by: Valenti Ponsa and Cristina Charneco Rosales
Additional Contributions by: Diego Menendez

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