Poster Design Contest Winners!


You might remember that we were having a poster design contest for our Road Crew. We wanted to see the posters used to promote events, and the top three entries would all win a piece of original art by Brad McDevitt. Well, the contest is over, the jury is in, and we have some winners to announce!

It was a tough decision. We had so many great entries that we had trouble deciding on our top three winners. The talent and creativity on display was wonderful to behold. In fact, we didn’t decide on our top three winners. We couldn’t narrow it down, so we ended up giving it to our top FOUR winners! And each of these four winners are still getting a piece of original art by Brad McDevitt!

So, presented in alphabetical order, our four winners and their poster designs are:

David Persinger


Jonathan Snodgrass


Ian Walker


Jon Wilson


There you have it! A great job all around. Let’s hear it for our winners!

And get out there and start running your own events. The 2018 Road Crew season has begun, and we’ve already seen some amazing posters for the new year. Who knows what we might do for folks who have the best posters in 2018? We know that we can’t wait to see what you guys can turn out this year!


Author: pandabrett

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