Announcing Winners of the Road Crew Encounter Design Contest

The judges have spoken!

Once again, Goodman Games fandom delivered the goods! We really enjoyed reading all of the incredible encounters you sent us. 

After careful consideration and tallying up all the votes, we are proud to announce our winners! 

DCC Entry

Winner: Jeffery A. Regner,  Smiling Other

2nd Place: Stephen Mitsch,  Revenge of the Dark River Witch

3rd Place: M.C. Funk and Gina Funk, Down by the Rivers of the Underworld: The Phlogiston Siphon

Honorable Mentions: JoanofArc DesTroyer for The Haunting of Low Bog, Brian Jagusak for The Journey for Merates Sweet Relief, The River of Wishes

5E Entry

Winner: Jonathan Gemmell, Down By the River

2nd Place: R, Chiarello, Down By the River

3rd Place: Tone Lawver, Down By the River

Huge thanks to all the entrants and our esteemed panel of judges!

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