Learn the Ins and Outs of Game Narrative and Design at Valparaiso University

You probably know Martin T. Buinicki from his Gaming Honors live streams and the many awesome Gaming Honors adventures that bear his name — but he’s not just a Judge and designer, he’s an actual professor of the sweet science of gaming!

For the last two years, Martin has taught a Writing RPGs course using DCC and How to Write Adventure Modules that Don’t Suck as primary texts — a course that Joseph Goodman has featured in as a virtual guest lecturer (see below).

The course is now part of a minor in Game Narrative and Design at Valparaiso University (Indiana).

While we all like to game like it’s 1974 around here, the old guard among us certainly never dreamed of anything like this when we were rolling funky dice on Mom’s kitchen table all those years ago! For anyone looking to jump into a career in the games industry, check out Valparaiso’s course on Game Narrative and Design and be a part of the next wave of great games!

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