The Glory of the Gong!


That was the sound booming over the proceedings at Lucas Oil Stadium during Gen Con — each dolorous clang of the Doom Gong marking the demise of yet another player, another team, another dream of victory!

But, for those that came out on top, the gong heralds not their demise, but their immortal fame! Each year at Gen Con we unveil the latest honor roll of the victors from our tournaments throughout the last year, most especially our largest such event at Gen Con. This year, the winners of our 2022 Team Tournament I Haven’t Had Enough Coffee For This! had their winners’ plaque permanently emblazoned on the basalt flanks of the Doom Gong, just as next year Los Hermanos Jabronis will be honored for their victory in Arch-Daihaks of the Dying Earth!

A funereal boom for the vanquished, a thunderous clap for the victors — ask not for whom the Doom Gong tolls, it tolls for DCC!

For a close-up look at the Doom Gong’s winners’ plaques, click here. And for more of our Gen Con coverage, visit our Gen Con 2023 headquarters.

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