The Doom Gong Rises Again and The Winners Shall Be Honored!

Gen Con 2023 is right around the corner — which means those ominous tones in the distance can only be one thing! Yes, the Doom Gong will return!

Soon the blasted black pillars will be raised once more, the malefic gong hung upon its horsehair braids, and the demon eyes will flare. Who will be the first to strike the gong anew, and cast wide the gates? Tremble, for the Doom Gong arises!

And the Doom Gong, as is tradition, shall be freshly inscribed with the names of champions! Below you can see the roll call of those stalwarts known as ‘I Haven’t Had Enough Coffee for This!,’ winners of the DCC RPG Open Team Tournament at last year’s Gen Con!

As one group is honored, so may yet another rise to the heights of fame — good luck to everyone participating in this year’s Gen Con 2023 Team Tournament, Arch-Daihaks of Dying Earth! Perhaps your own names will repose in glory forever upon the Doom Gong…

Gen Con 2022 Winners

Below are the plaques of past winners — all of these have now been affixed to the Gong!

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