New DCC Funnels and Other Adventures in Our Online Store!

It’s New Release Wednesday!

We’ve got a great selection of new third party releases in the store today, from DCC funnels and higher levels adventures, to outside-the-box Monster Manuals and VTT support for The Inn in the Forest!

Let’s takes a look!

Space Station M – Tabletop RPG Monster Manual

Space Station M – Tabletop Monster Manual Zine inspired by Retro Video Games, and includes monster listings celebrating classic retro video game encounters.

Space Station M is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics rules set. 30 pages

Roboworld – Tabletop RPG Monster Manual Zine

Inspired by the Retro Video Games. Roboworld is completely compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics rules set. 30 pages

30 pages

Sunday Matinee Crawls Double Feature: Rough Waters and The Cave in the Tree

Lake Garwonnie is a massive lake and home to several villages along the coasts. These villages benefit from fishing on the waters and from a rare resource found on the islands on the lake, the Molderian trees. These trees offer a rare wood desired by regional nobles, but the islands are home to others, native primates that do not like interlopers from the outside world.

The natives have other secrets though, gold. Can the villagers make it past a violent lake storm and to the island to gather the gold and make a name for themselves? Will the violent lake storm sink the boat only to uncover that the depths of the lake offer other hidden secrets?

Rough Waters and The Cave in the Tree are two zero level funnels originating from the same village.

TS #1: The Inn in the Forest – VTT + Convention Play Pack

TS #1: The Inn in the Forest – VTT + Convention Play Pack – 275 maps, tokens, pregens, posters, handouts, and forms!

The perfect accessory to play Trusty Sword LLC’s TS #1: The Inn in the Forest adventure on a virtual tabletop or in a live convention setting! Print-quality color, and black and white, assets include:

• 64 pregen, NPC, and creature tokens
• 27 Judge’s and combat maps (VTT-optimized combat maps also included)
• 50 pregen, NPC, creature, item, and scene art handouts

Editable Forms
• 25 pregen characters and blank character sheet
• 25 pregen character table tents and blank table tent
• 81 pregen, NPC, and creature cards
• 1 event poster
• 1 event registration form

Other Forms
• 1 Phantom Shift Tracker

Pregen/NPC/monster cards can stand on the table, be hung over a combat screen, or stapled to an index card for tracking HP, conditions, and initiative.

The pregen characters (six first level, six second level) are perfect for TS #1: The Inn in the Forest or any low-level DCC RPG adventure module. Each have character sheets, cards, table tents, tokens, and handout portraits.

You can use the graphics and forms in this pack without the adventure, but you’ll get the most out of them if you also own the adventure.

Killian’s Krawls: DS-01: The Stone Speaker – An Adventure in The Desolation

Killian’s Krawls: DS-01 The Stone Speaker – An Adventure for 1st Level Characters in The Desolation setting.

Life for the refugees of The Desolation is now safe, but hardly peaceful. At the heart of this tension are rumors of an ancient dwarven city of riches that may have been uncovered by the landslides on the Day of Destruction. The dwarves in the refugee camp desperately want to find the location of this city but lack the knowledge. One dwarf, an eccentric person who considers himself a prophet, has galvanized the clan leaders to demand your party find a dwarven temple said to be the home of a prophet who has the power to speak with “The Foundation itself”. Can dwarves speak to stones? Is the ancient city real? The survival of the refugee camp may depend on it.

Contains 9 encounters, 4 new creatures, one new magical item, and Judge’s tools to assist with managing the adventure.

Maps via Campaign Cartographer 3 (c) 1997-2006 by Pro Fantasy Software Ltd. and Charles Reeder (c) 2023.

BIG SWORD #1: Graves & Groves

What is Graves & Groves?

Containing 46 pages dense with content, Graves & Groves is the first volume of a larger series of Dungeon Crawl Classics Compatible zines, BIG SWORD. This volume specifically focuses on the Undead and Nature.

It features:

  • A detailed and comprehensive Vampire Generator fit for a lich!
  • A full write-up on The Curse of Dhampirism – an article on what happens to a player character stuck between the worlds of life and death!
  • A New Patron: The Prime Vampire, the progenitor of all other vampires; a creature of unimaginable pain and power, older than Time Itself!
  • The Treefolk Class – An ancient race that wields both might and magic, fueled by their attunement to nature.
  • An old favorite returns, the Ranger Class, as remixed by the BIG SWORD authors!
  • And finally, Vow of The Vampire: a Hexcrawl that ties all of it together, complete with its own survival mechanics, encounters, friends, and foes. All of it wrapped in a tense ticking-clock-style adventure!


  • Rules for handling Downtime between adventures!
  • Party Composition: An article detailing our thoughts on the strange intricacies of DCC Party Composition.

Dungeons & Dados #1: Cursed Cemetery

A level 0 funnel adventure compatible with DCC

In the midst of the chaos brought about by a strange event, the characters struggle for survival and the protection of their home! To solve the mystery and uncover a long- forgotten treasure beneath the cemetery chapel, the characters will have to face an alien parasite, mutated animals, and a cosmic creature. The fate of the village of Aromas rests in the hands of brave villagers who dare to challenge these unknown dangers.

Cursed Cemetery is a zine featuring a funnel adventure where characters will face a mysterious extraplanar event in their village.

A zine with 20 pages, handcrafted by Thiago Roos and translated into English by Marcelo P. Augusto.

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