A Mighty Fine Time at KublaCon 2023!

The Mighty KublaCon shook the San Francisco Bay Area again on Memorial Day weekend with wall-to-wall games for thousands of gamers — raising over $5,000 for Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired along the way — and Goodman Games was there!

Of the DCC sessions, one particular highlight was that, while the adults in the room debated how best to secure a well-trapped prize, the young player of a Dwarf executed a daring plan independently: while leaping from a great height and avoiding the fire spewing forth to fry them, they grabbed the reliquary and landed safely on the other side of the pool of acid. Game over! There are many other exciting tales from the 4-day event worth telling, but you’ll have to seek out the individuals who know those secrets to find out — or simply attend KublaCon next year to join in on the fun.

And another young player experienced the fun of his first game of DCC at KublaCon over the weekend: Haven Goodman had an absolute blast at his first real RPG convention!

We’d like to thank Dave, Aldo, Mike, and the rest of the impeccable KublaCon team for putting on such a great event, and we hope we’ll see you there in 2024!

Be sure to check the Goodman Games Convention Schedule for more great cons this year!

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