Announcing Our 2023 Convention Schedule!

2023 Convention Schedule

Next year’s convention scene is starting to look very cool — and we hope you’ll be a part of it!

We’ve got all the classics like Gen Con and Origins and Gary Con to look forward to next year, as well as returning to favorites like MomoCon, Gamehole Con, KublaCon, Pax Unplugged, and, of course, Free RPG Day. But there are also some new Cons (to us, or just in general) all lined up for a Goodman Games visit, — even one in the UK! — so be sure to check below and see if any of the dates and locations work for you!

We will be returning to the world of virtual con-going with War of the Cyclops Con this year, and you can bet your triceratops we have great things planned for DCC Day!

It’s still early days yet, so keep checking back as the schedule gets updated and dates get finalized and, who knows, maybe more events will be added!

Here’s the current list of shows for 2023!

Murder Hobo ConFeb 11ONLINE
DunDraCon / DunDraCon RecapFeb 17-20Santa Clara, CA
Gary Con / GaryCon RecapMarch 23-26Lake Geneva, WI
Gamestorm / Gamestorm RecapMarch 23-26Portland, OR
Who’s Yer ConApril 7-9Indianapolis, IN
LexiCon / LexiCon RecapApril 21-23Lexington, KY
War of the Cyclops Con / WotCC RecapMay 6-7ONLINE
MomoCon / MomoCon RecapMay 25-28Atlanta, GA
KublaCon / KublaCon RecapMay 26-29Burlingame, CA
StrategiCon: Gamex / StrategiCon RecapMay 26-29Los Angeles, CA
North Texas RPG ConJune 1-4Irving, TX
UK Games Expo / UK Games Expo RecapJune 2-4Birmingham, England
Free RPG Day / Free RPG Day RecapJune 24Everywhere!
Origins Game Fair / Origins RecapJune 21-25Columbus, OH
RageCon / RageCon RecapJune 30 – July 2Sparks, NV
DCC DayJuly 22Everywhere!
Gen Con / Gen Con 2023 HQ / Gen Con Video RecapAug 3-6Indianapolis, IN
GrandCon / GrandCon RecapSept 1-3Grand Rapids, MI
Strategicon: Gateway / Strategicon: Gateway RecapSept 1-4Los Angeles, CA
Pacificon / Pacificon RecapSept 1-4Santa Clara, CA
Big Bad Con / Big Bad Con RecapSept 28- Oct 1Burlingame, CA
Con on the Cob / Con on the Cob RecapOct 5-8Richfield, OH
Gamehole Con / Gamehole Con RecapOct 19-22Madison, WI
Pig Faced Ork Con / Pig Faced Ork Con RecapOct 21Clovis, CA
Scout Con / Scout Con RecapOct 28-29Flint Hills, Kansas
LongCon / Long Con RecapNov 10-12Longview, TX
PAX Unplugged / PAX Unplugged RecapDec 1-3Philadelphia, PA

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