Download the DCC Quick Start Rules – for FREE!

Free DCC? Tell me more!

Did you know you can get the DCC RPG Quick Start Rules for free?

That’s right, you can! If you’re new to the game and want to learn more—or a diehard fan who wants to share the game with your friends—you can do so!

The DCC RPG Quick Start Rules in PDF are 32 pages of instant fun, that let anyone build characters and get started with levels 0 and 1! These rules are a perfect way to get started right away with DCC, including all of the basics of early level play without the need of the full Core Rulebook.

You can grab a copy of the DCC RPG Quick Start Rules PDF right here! And they are always available by clicking the link under “Shop Now” in the menu header!

Furthermore, this latest version of the Quick Start Rules will be available in print later this year — the perfect introductory set to loan to friends, pass out to new players, or bring to your local shop to spread the fun of DCC!

Share the love! Share the rules! Discover Dungeon Crawl Classics today and begin a new game with friends!

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