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Learn all about DCC — on YouTube!

From Goodman Games’ own YouTube channel to the efforts of our many, many fans, YouTube offers a wealth of information and advice about Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Firstly, you’ll definitely want to subscribe to the Goodman Games YouTube Channel for the entire catalog of our Twitch Shows, convention footage, even ongoing liveplays from dedicated fans like you! With so many hit Twitch programs, covering everything from DCC basics to publishing your own third party games, convention appearances and liveplays, deep dives into the classic era of RPGing and chats about the foundational fiction that inspires the DCC aesthetic to this day — and almost everything in between! — there is no shortage of information, opinion, advice, and fun, free-wheeling discussion about our favorite hobby!

But there are a ton of other YouTube channels out there offering fantastic information and discussion for players of every persuasion, from salty old vets to the greenest acolyte!

Nick Baran of Breaker Press Games (publisher of the DCC-compatible Stennard series of supplements, among others), not only has a fun channel for DCC covering both information for players and Judges (and designers!), but he has also put together a fantastic playlist for new players introducing many of the unfamiliar aspects of the game in an easy-to-understand way:

The first of many videos in Nick’s very useful ‘DCC Basics’ Playlist

Jorphdan (the PH is silent!) of Jorphdan’s Jocular Junction has a channel full of the games he loves — and he really loves Dungeon Crawl Classics! Jorphadan has also put together a DCC playlist which includes info for new players, and well as explorations of products from Goodman Games and indie thrid parties:

Jorphdan leads his DCC playlist with a solid introduction for new players as to what makes DCC different

D&D enthusiast and amateur potion-tester Bob World Builder recently told the world why he loves DCC — we agree, Bob! For long-time players of the OG of RPGs, Bob lays out just what is so fresh and innovative about his “current favorite RPG:” Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Bob offers a great intro to DCC for D&D fans

“Dungeon Crawl Classic is my all-time favorite roleplaying game.” For a fantastic recent introduction video aimed at new players looking for a fresh system, let Basic Liches break things down one step at a time:

From beginner to advanced info, this video offers a succinct way to get started

And for an in-depth look at the Core Rulebooks for both Dungeon Crawl Classics and Mutant Crawl Classics, let the legendary Professor Dungeon Master take you on a tour:

Of course, with so many great channels out there, we couldn’t cover them all — or even come close. But these videos and their respective channels are a great entry point into the world of Dungeon Crawl Classics that should take you from 0-level to first in a far less painless way than the average funnel!

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