Video Preview of DCC Dying Earth: The Sorcerer’s Tower of Sanguine Slant

A new video to preview the annals of adventure in the Dying Earth!

From a long-lost future of strange science and mysterious magic comes DCC Dying Earth — the all-new DCC RPG setting which lets gamers play in Jack Vance’s classic world.

This time out we take a look at DCC Dying Earth #2: The Sorcerer’s Tower of Sanguine Slant. When a mysterious edifice of crystalized blood arises after more than a millennia, it causes a bit of a stir — especially once it is known that the tower may contain an IOUN stone.

The video below is just a teaser of the many new DCC Dying Earth products available in the Online Store! Grab your copies today!

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Author: pandabrett

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