Video Previews of DCC Dying Earth!

Videos of DCC Dying Earth Boxset and DCC DE #0!

From a long-lost future of strange science and mysterious magic comes DCC Dying Earth — the all-new DCC RPG Setting which lets gamers play in Jack Vance’s classic world. With new spells, equipment, classes, and patrons, as well as setting-specific rules updates to the DCC RPG system, the DCC Dying Earth Boxed Set is the place to start with DCC Dying Earth!

And, with 9 new adventures set in the Dying Earth, your group has plenty of directions to go in — below you can also see a preview for the first of these adventures, 0 level funnel DCC DE #0: The Pilgrims of the Black Obelisk.

These are just a teaser of the many new DCC Dying Earth products available in the Online Store!

Be sure to check out all of our DCC Dying Earth Releases!

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