A Great Time at Gamestorm!

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor whatever it is when all three combine in waves could stop the mighty GameStorm from happening again in Portland, OR for 2023, and Goodman Games was there!

DCC Rulebooks flew from the shelves, perhaps in hopes of saving the lives of dozens of zero-level characters and their leveled-up cohort. Well over a dozen sessions of DCC happened through the long weekend. A hurled Halfling discovered the limits of a limitless temple chamber. Characters in Creep, Skrag, Creep who sunk their own ship pulled together to out-pirate some pirates! And in another game, one Zero, despite burning themselves down to 0 Luck, avoided complete destruction multiple times through the rest of the game by virtue of lucky die rolls for them and unlucky rolls by the Judge! Such is the life of a legend.

We’d like to thank April Cole and the whole GameStorm team for welcoming us again and for putting on an excellent convention. PNW gamers, GameStorm stalwarts and newcomers, we hope to see you there again next year.

Be sure to check the Goodman Games Convention Schedule for more great cons this year!

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