Bob Brinkman Welcomes New Fans to DCC!

Looking for a good book?

Our series of videos to Welcome New DCC Fans continues as Bob Brinkman takes you on a stroll through his favorite literary dungeon — Appendix N!

What is Appendix N? It’s Gary Gygax’s seminal recommending reading list of those works of classic fantasy adventure and sword-and-sorcery that most influenced Dungeons & Dragons. We here at Goodman Games draw huge inspiration for our DCC and MCC RPGs from the foundational genre stories of yesteryear, and Bob gets you started on the path to exploring this rich mine of exciting and idea-generating material.

From the roguish romp of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (Swords Against Death), the bleak cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft (“The Shadow Over Innsmouth”), to the fairy-tale mythmaking of Lord Dunsany (The King of Elfland’s Daughter), and the mighty-thewed epic of Conan (“The Tower of the Elephant”), Bob gives his recommendations for getting started with the great works of Appendix N.

Our game design ethic springs from these pioneering stories that inspire us, just as they inspired Gary Gygax decades ago in creating the first fantasy RPG. Let Bob share his love for these influential classics below, and be sure to check out his bi-weekly Sanctum Secorum podcast for more great Appendix N literary discussion, as well as Goodman Games’ ongoing Adventures in Fiction series of articles!

And be sure to check out our Appendix N Archeology and Adventures in Fiction series, articles that take a look at the writers and creators behind the genre(s) that helped to forge not only our favorite hobby but our lives. We invite you to explore the entirety of the series on our Adventures In Fiction home page.

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